14 abr. 2010

Calming Down

Melanie Hudson

How many times a day do you hear someone say he/she is feeling stressed?
Follow this guide to feel less stressed.

The ISMA - International Stress Management Association say that 60% of adults claim to have too much stress at work. Stress is blamed for everything from bad skin to divorce, even death. Of course, at the right level, stress can be positive, helping us to do our best.

Danger Signals

See if you are over stressed. The following signs are all danger signals:

1. You find it difficult to sleep, or wake up and can't get back to sleep.

2. You wake up tired.

3. You are often irritable.

4. You want to eat sweet things all the time.

5. You find it hard to concentrate on work or studying.

6. You feel weighed down by life.

7. You have a lot of colds.

8. You argue a lot with family and friends.

Eight Steps for Less Stress

Do these things and you should feel less stressed:

1. Cut out stimulants. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants, so cut out coffee and cigarettes. Drink herbal tea instead.

2. Eat well. Sugary foods give you a quick boost, but are bad for you. Instead, eat nutritious foods like fruit and cheese to give you energy.

3. Treat yourself. Give yourself a really relaxing treat, like a massage, or a session in a steam room. Even just a swim in quiet surroundings can feel great.

4. Exercise. Exercise is one of the best things to relieve stress. It produces endorphins, nature's "feel-good" chemicals. Spend some time at the gym, dancing, or having a quick walk.

5. Have a laugh. One of the best ways to cope with stress is to have a good chuckle. So watch a funny movie or TV show. Avoid dramas.

6. Have a bath at bed-time. Research shows that a warm bath just before you go to bed makes you sleep better. It helps the body begin the natural cooling down that leads to sleep.

7. Take vitamins. Your body deals with stress much better when it has the right balance. B Vitamins (found naturally in liver and wheatgerm), zinc (in shellfish, seeds, and nuts), and Vitamin C (in citrus fruits and root vegetables) are excellent. Take them as tablets to supplement your diet.

8. Get help. If your list of jobs to do is getting longer and longer, ask for support. Your friends may be able to help walk the dog, or recommend a good ironing service. Your boss may be able to help share some of your work with colleagues.

Source: Think in English

claim to have: affirm or assert they have (aseguran tener)
blamed for: responsible for (responsable de)
get back to: go back, return to (volver a)
irritable: easily annoyed (irritado)
weighed down: oppressive or disheartening (desalentado)
to argue: to discuss violently (discutes con violencia)
cut out: remove (elimina)
stimulants: something that raises one's level of activity, often a drug (los estimulantes)
boost: improvement, increase (mejoría repentina)
treat yourself: provide with a gift or entertainment (mímate)
steam room: vapour bath (sauna, baño de vapor)

After reading the artilce answer the questions below:

1. What do you think is the limit between positive and negative stress?

2. Have you ever detected in yourself any of the danger signals mentioned in the article?

3. Do you think the “Eight steps for less Stress” are ideal or real solutions for stressed people in our country?

4. What should happen in your life to make your stress disappear totally?

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