11 abr. 2010

Definir Objetivos para Diseñar nuestros Cursos

WELCOME BACK TO the 2010 In Company Classes of English Project!

Please answer the questions below so that we can design our course together and make the most of it.



Proficiency level:

Last course taken:

Personal interests:

1. Why would you like to take this course?

• To update my English
• To travel on business
• To travel on holiday
• To write/read material specific to my area of work/ study
• For entertainment
• For personal development

2. During this course we will focus on the four skills of language development -
Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Would you like to place a special emphasis on any of them?

3. As usual we will visit different areas of interest in our classes. Is there any topic you are especially interested in?

• Global issues
• Business issues
• Environmental issues
• Health issues
• Ethics
• Other

4. What kind of material would you like to use in this course:
• EFL materials - designed for learning/teaching English as a foreign language,
• Material related to my area of business (work or study),
• Authentic material – not designed for use in class, e.g. newspaper articles, TV programs, videos, Internet material in general, etc.

5. Would you like to do homework in order to practise and consolidate the skills worked around in class?

If so, do would you prefer listening reading writing  activities?

6. Would you like to participate in an interactive intra company blog where we can publish the texts we use in class, discuss different issues and express and exchange our opinions on them?

7. Would you like to be evaluated on your progress during the course?
If so, how often would you like to be evaluated …

• after every class?
• once a month?
• every two months?

8. Would you like to be evaluated on your achievements at the end of this course?

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